The Comforts of Home

By: Amanda King

The Comforts of Home

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At this time of staying in more often, it's fantastic to enjoy the Comforts of Home.  

Enjoy gardening and both the exercise and relaxation it offers.  You can experiment with different plants:  Perennials are great as most are simple to care for and return each year.  Lavender, for its calming effects, may be a good one to add to your collection at this time.

Experiment with simplicity:  less is more sometimes.  Create a tranquil space by having less items around.  Simple paint colour choices also add to a feeling of tranquility.

It's a great time to clean your windows and allow sunlight in.  Pull drapes back after those windows are cleaned and bask in the sunshine that lightens your space.

After the COVID-19 passes, these are good habits to keep and if you need professional help, I can direct you to the right professionals including painters, home designers & decorators, window cleaners, and other great small businesses.

Stay well & Enjoy the Comforts of your Home, these are some of the reasons why you bought a home to begin in & it's still a great investment!